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In conjunction with Milan's Design Week and the release of Issue#2, JUGULAR presents itself together with the artists who have contributed to this latest exciting adventure.
Held in between Miart and Salone del Mobile, the launch event will be a three-dimensional and contemporary representation of the topics covered in Issue #2, through special installations dedicated to some of the personalities that have accompanied us during this fantastic journey; Jean-Marie Massaud, Arko Datto, Léon Hendrickx, Edoardo Tresoldi, A ndrea Galvani, Júlio Leitão, Nicolangelo Gelormini, to name a few.
Join us to celebrate during one of the most culturally vibrant seasons in Milan, and e xperience JUGULAR’s new thrilling issue!
The kick-off event will then give way to an exciting week, during which the space will remain open (3 pm -7 pm) for patrons to continue discovering the JUGULAR world through “Stop and Think”, a series of free-to-attend Conversations curated by JUGULAR Editor-at-Large, Michela Bondardo. “Stop and Think” will host notable guest speakers from the design, cultural and artistic world, such as Harry Pearce (Pentagram partner, London), Emmanuela Spedaliere (Director of Institutional Affairs, Teatro di San Carlo, Naples), and Francesco Binfare’ (designer and artist) among the others.

Júlio Leitão
Associazione Max Kuatty
Fabrizio Plessi
Nicolangelo Gelormini
Gecko Theatre
Andrea Galvani
Edoardo Tresoldi
Léon Hendrickx
Jean-Marie Massaud

"Mater, Maternity in Art" 
Exhibition Explores the Importance of the Maternity Figure
Parma Governor’s Palace from March 8 to June 28, 2015
"Mater, Maternity in Art" Exhibition Explores the Importance of the Maternity Figure

An exhibition designed to symbolize a journey through the awareness and understanding of the maternal figure not only biologically, but in cultural, societal, and religious aspects as well. The project also looks at the role of motherhood in Mediterranean culture. 

The fourth section covers the 20th century. The figure of the mother is no longer held back by the purity and piety of the past. She is now a woman freed from representations as solely mother, and is facing daily life as a human being. Artists have been searching for a new female archetype, such as Mimmo Rotella, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Max Kuatty, Bill Viola and Matt Collishaw.

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